You can find the releases and updates section below. If you want to see more desired modules that you would like to see, please contact us.

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22 Feb 2021

Major Updates

1) New 'Recent Blog Post' Module is added. The last 3 Blog post can be listed on desired pages

2) Blog Listing and Blog Post style - updated

3) Blog Listing header can be changed with an image in Theme Settings

4) Team Member Module's design - upgraded

Minor Updates

1) When click to Questions in FAQ modules, arrow animation is enabled

2) Single Drag and Drop Card Module - newly designed

3) New Zoom-in pop-up feature - added to Gallery View Module

4) New Blockquote text area - added to Testimonial Module

5) Top Navigation style - updated

6) Contact Form style - updated

09 Feb 2021

Module Updates

1) The bottom of the boxes in the "Gallery View Module" is evenly aligned.

2) Special "zooming in" hover effect in "Feature Box View Module" applied.

31 Jan 2021

Hero Module Updates

You may make some non-rectangular effects on hero section.

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01 Dec 2020

Marketplace Releases

We released our theme as a free on 2020 December 01 at HubSpot Marketplace.

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Pinned Guide

How to update DeLight Theme

When we updated the theme, you receive a notification email, then you can update it by following:

  1. Log in to your account at

  2. Click "Marketplace icon" right top corner
    Then click "Purchased assets"
    ***Note: There is no need to update, If you haven't download DeLight Theme yet, you can download the latest version here: Download

  3. Finally, you can create your page with the latest DeLight Theme features by following: Marketing > Web Site > Web Site Pages > Create